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Regardless of what this moody Georgia weather seems to show, there are still 3-4 months of ‘winter” left! Have you winterized your home yet? If you are flying further south for the winter, the steps to take in winterizing your vacant home differs slightly from the steps you’d take to winterize your occupied home. This blog post is specifically for winterizing occupied homes, but can also be used to winterize your vacant home!

  1. Be sure to take the time to insulate your home’s pipes, specifically those in un-insulated areas. For example, if you have a water heater in an unfinished room in your basement.
  2. Fix the exterior cracks in the walls of your home. This allows cold air to enter and aids in making spaces colder than they should. We recommend caulking these cracks.
  3. Disconnect garden hoses and turn off the water to the hose bibs after draining them. There are also insulated covers to help protect them from bursting from the extreme temperatures. 
  4. Insulate your crawl space to prevent the pipes in there from freezing. 
  5. If the temperature is going to drop drastically, it’s a good idea to leave your faucets dripping overnight to prevent the water in your faucets from freezing.

As always, if you have any questions about winterizing your home or would like professional help doing so, your friends at Northside Plumbing Atlanta are always ready to help! Reach out to us at (770) 272-2558 to schedule your service. 


Image: Skowronek/Shutterstock
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