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Have you noticed that your toilet is leaking around the base? This means there’s a leak in your toilet, which is an issue that definitely needs to be addressed to prevent an increase in your water bill and the growth of mold. Let’s take a look at what the leak could be.

  1. You might have loose tee bolts. Tee bolts are the bolts covered by little white plastic caps around the base of your toilet that hold your toilet in place. If these bolts are loose or broken, the seal between the toilet and the floor can break, causing a leak. The course of action would be to ensure the toilet is leveled and centered and then begin tightening the bolts again. If you notice that the bolts spin too freely or are visibly broken, you may need to replace them or call your local plumber.
  2. You might have a damaged wax ring. If the problem isn’t the tee bolts, take a look at the wax ring, because it might need to be replaced.

Here’s what to do:

If you’re handy, you can go to the hardware store with a picture of your wax ring (take a pic with your phone) and purchase a new one. Once you’re back home, shut off the water valve, and flush the toilet to remove as much sitting water as you can. Then unscrew the water supply line from the toilet, remove the tee bolts, lift up the toilet, and change the wax ring. After that, re-position the toilet (take care to create a new seal), screw the tee bolts in place, reconnect your water line, turn the valve back on, and flush the toilet. Check for any new leaks.

If all of this seems like too much work, definitely give your local plumber a call! We can get it done right the first time, saving you headaches, water damage, a broken toilet, and the need to redo any DIY projects. Contact Northside Plumbing at 770-272-2558 or [email protected].

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