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Halloween is only a few days away and there are plenty of ghosts and goblins out to scare you – don’t let plumbing issues add to the scare! Keeping yourself and family safe is a top priority, so keep these plumbing tips in mind to ensure a safe and uninterrupted Halloween.

Here are some plumbing tips on making sure you have a safe, and not so scary, Halloween.

Carving Pumpkins?

Tis’ the season to carve ALL the pumpkins and make ALL the pumpkin pie! But what do you do with the pumpkin seeds and fibers that you don’t need after? One important thing to remember is to not put them down the drain! It might seem like your disposal can handle it, but the pumpkin seeds can damage your disposal blades and once the fibers harden, they can clog your drain. What a (stinky) disaster! Liquid plumbing items actually do not work on clearing pumpkin from your drains and can make the clog worse.

Need an idea of what to do with pumpkin seeds? If you have never made seasoned pumpkin seeds as a snack, give it a try this year! It’s a quick, delicious, and healthy snack.

Candy Wrappers or CLOG Wrappers?

Candy is obviously a major part of this season and if you have kids, its likely to make its way into your drains and toilets. Some candy wrappers are clear and plastic, so they can easily be invisible. The plastic from these wrappers do not break down, so if they clog your pipes it will truly be scary! Be sure to talk to your kids about the importance of disposing of their candy and candy wrappers in the trash, and not down the toilet and drains. 

Costume Makeup

This is one of our favorite times of the year because you can dress up as whoever you like and take it to the next level with costume makeup. But what do you do at the end of the day when you are ready to be yourself again? Remember that costume makeup is made with different ingredients than regular makeup making it greasy. Did you know the grease from this makeup can clog your pipes? Instead of washing the makeup off in the shower or sink, consider using wipes to remove most of it beforehand and remember to throw these wipes in the trash can – not down the toilet!

We hope you find these Halloween plumbing tips helpful and will allow you and your family to have a fun, safe, and plumbing issue free Halloween! But in case you do have any ghosts and goblins show up in your toilets or sinks, the professionals at Northside Plumbing are always available to help you! 770-272-2558 or [email protected].

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