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Tons of Americans have pets in their homes, and though we love our furry friends, they can sometimes place a unique strain on certain areas of the household, including plumbing. Here are some tips to keep both your plumbing and your pets safe and happy.

  1. Is it bath time? Use drain stoppers in your tub or sink. These tools will block fur from entering the drain and creating a clog over time. Some pets shed more than others (especially the pups!), so an ounce of prevention will spare you from headaches (and maybe even expense) in clearing out an impacted drain.
  2. Close the toilet lid. Lots of pets love to grab a quick drink of toilet water, but the residue left from cleaner and chemicals (not to mention human waste) can cause more harm than good. So get in the habit of keeping the lid closed, and directing Fido to his drinking bowl only.
  3. Resist the urge to flush cat litter. Even if the brand says the litter is flushable, it is unwise to flush it. You’ll keep your toilet pipes running smoothly for years to come by only flushing waste and toilet paper.
  4. Don’t let your pup dig for gold. While many dogs like to dig in the backyard, their paws can unknowingly stumble upon water or sewer lines buried beneath the surface — hardware that could be a costly nuisance to get fixed.
  5. Invest in pressure-balancing valves. These babies prevent the anxiety you may feel if someone flushes a toilet while you’re in the shower — cue the influx of cold water! Pressure-balancing valves help you avoid this problem, and reduce the risk of scalding your pets during bathtime.
  6. Cover up exposed pipes. Just like you child-proof a home, look out for things that pets like to get into, too, especially things that they like to chew. For example, cover up exposed pipes and wires; if a pet chews through them, the damage to themselves and the home may range from minor to major. Take preventative measures to ensure there’s not even a remote chance of this happening.
  7. Rinse dirty pets off outside. Has Fido been rolling around in the mud? Once he’s had his fun, you should resist the temptation to rinse him off in the house. Very often, matted fur sloughs off at the same time the mud does, and creates a real challenge for your plumbing. Avoid this whenever possible by pre-rinsing your dog outside to remove most of the dirt, and then finish the job indoors.

With these tips, both your pet and your pipes should remain safe and happy. But if a plumbing problem arises, call Northside Plumbing for help at 770-272-2558 or [email protected]! No matter how big or small the issue is, our certified technicians can provide you with same day service.

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