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The average American household puts their garbage disposal through a lot year after year. What with all the food waste we shove down there day after day, garbage disposals are unsung heroes that do a lot to help us out.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to keep them in good working order! First, heed this list of things that you should not put in your garbage disposal: egg shells, fruit pits, liquid grease, coffee grounds, fibrous materials, and bones. Putting these items in your disposal can lead to dull blades, massive clogs, and other results that reduce the efficacy of your unit.

Next, be sure to clean your garbage disposal.

  1. Flush it with water. Doing this will dislodge loose food waste, dirt, grime, and sludge. Plug up the opening of your garbage disposal, and fill the sink with three inches of hot water. Add dish soap, swirl it around so that it suds up a bit, and then remove the plug so the water can flow through the disposal’s pipes. The hot water will liquify any grease or crud that has built up in the pipes.
  2. Toss in ice cubes and salt. This may sound odd, but it really works. Two cups of ice and one cup of salt, mixed with water running from the tap, produces a combination that works to remove sludge and other debris from the inner walls of your garbage disposal. Turn on your garbage disposal (yes, it will be loud!), and let the process do it’s thing.
  3. Give it a scrub. You should definitely not put your hand inside your garbage disposal. Instead, use a long-handled scrub brush to reach inside and manually clean the inner walls of any debris. This can be done with water alone, or with dish soap as well. Run your water to rinse the disposal out afterwards.

And there you have it! You’ve now got a clean garbage disposal. You can even take things further by adding a few citrus peels or essential oils in there for added fresh scent.

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