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Slab leaks are not common plumbing problems, but if they do develop, they can result in significant water and structural damage. Northside Plumbing Atlanta can help with your toughest plumbing concerns, including slab leaks. We provide professional slab leak repair solutions throughout the Roswell, Georgia, area and will work closely with you to make sure the problem is resolved safely and accurately.

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What are Slab Leaks and How Can Our Roswell, GA, Plumbers Help You Fix Them?

When the sewer or water lines running underneath your home’s slab foundation start to leak, it can cause the soil surrounding the lines to shift away. This can lead to structural issues as well as a great deal of water damage if the problem isn’t quickly addressed. Signs your property may be suffering from a slab leak include: large cracks in the foundation, water pooling around your home, and warm/damp spots in your flooring.

After we have tracked down the affected area using noninvasive leak detection equipment, our team will go over your options for repair, which may include repiping or pipe rerouting. We will present you with the best course of action and only recommend the solution that will provide you with long-term peace of mind.

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At Northside Plumbing Atlanta, our experts are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort. All of our services are carried out with your best interests in mind. Whether you’ve got a slab leak emergency or you’re looking for help with another aspect of your drain or sewer system, our Roswell, Georgia, plumbers are here to provide the quality service and solutions you deserve.

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